Matthew Mercer portrait

Since 2002, electronic musician Matthew Mercer has released three albums, five EPs, and two film soundtracks. Embracing genres as vastly different as techno and ambient, electro-house and drone music, Mercer is always sharply focused on the details; his work spans from glitchy piano recordings to dancefloor bangers.

His twin new album releases, Nebulae and Starward, are two sides of the same coin: light and dark, hypnotic and stimulating, cosmic and intimate. It’s one vision in two albums, marking a return to dance music but with a deeper edge.

Mercer’s previous album Salvo (2016) traversed varied layers of glitchy pattern-weaving, while the preceding Supernatant (2015) and Pianissimo Possibile (2011) left the dancefloor leanings of his four minimal techno EPs and 12" singles of the ’00s almost completely behind, focusing on dense, minimal drones, deconstructed piano recordings and electronics. He has also spent recent years scoring films, including the documentary feature Vintage Tomorrows (2016). Aside from his solo releases and remixing work for various artists (including Sarah Nixey, Matthias Schaffhäuser, and more), Mercer is one half of both electronic pop duo Microfilm and covers project Jumberlack & the Cobra.

Photo by James Nelson Campbell