02:20 MIND cover art

02:20 MIND

JULY 2020

14 TRACKS · 81 MIN

Compiled by Matthew Mercer
in Portland, OR, USA
Summer 2020

2020 feels like a momentous time. Not only is it the start of a new decade, but it’s been a year of intense global and personal changes. As much as I am looking forward to the future, I'm reflecting back and taking stock of my accomplishments.

To mark the occasion, I’ve compiled dual retrospective releases, covering 2002 - 2020. The release coincides with Bandcamp’s Artist Day, wherein Bandcamp waives their service fees and artists receive the full profit.

This second collection, 02:20 MIND, provides a counterpoint to the dance music of the first (20:02 BODY). It’s a survey of more headphones-listening material, whether ambient and drone-heavy or intricate sound design and beatmaking, but far removed from the dancefloor. It also includes some unreleased and new tracks that I’m happy finally have a home.

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